Products and Services

Eggerding has traditionally been a service provider to the industrial minerals industry, starting with the storage and packing of raw materials, followed by logistics services and then the (toll) processing of raw materials. The lack of long term contract commitments from its customers, combined with various other circumstances, has forced Eggerding to become involved with various minerals trading activities over the years. The fundamental rule that the trading activities may never conflict with (toll) processing customers' interests has always prevailed. The investment of millions of Euro's in milling facilities is only viable with the securing of long term contracts and with these minimized it has become necessary for Eggerding to eliminate risk through industrial minerals trading thus securing its' continued existence in the industry.

Being an international, yet independent, family owned business has allowed us a degree of flexibility with the diverse demands of our customers. We strive to maintain close, personal and yet at the same time ultimately professional relationships with our customers. We are in the enviable position of being able to offer the quality services of not only the logistics solutions and processing raw materials, but are also strategically placed to sourse raw materials.

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