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Based in Amsterdam, founder Robert Eggerding started Eggerding as a storage and packing facility for the London Metal Exchange (LME) over 60 years ago. After a number of years, the LME decided to centralize its storage facilities in Rotterdam, at which stage Eggerding made the strategic decision to remain in Amsterdam and diversify its business activities.

During the 1960's, with Willem van der Linde managing the company, Eggerding focused on the storage of industrial minerals, specifically mineral sands. Offering such strategical facilities, Eggerding became an independent and essential intermediate between numerous international mining houses (who did not have their own distribution) and large trading houses (who did!).

As competition increased, the mining houses independently expanded their distribution activities forcing Eggerding to come up with innovative and creative idea to secure its future in the industry. The answer: Value addition through minerals processing! A milestone in the development of Eggerding.

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