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Eggerding's roots are firmly planted in Amsterdam. However, with rapid developments in the global markets it was time to look over the borders and attempt to get strategically closed to both producers and end users.

The first step was made in 1993 by opening a wet grinding facility and a ceramic grinding balls production plant in Germany, where the level of specialist knowledge for wet processing and ceramic production was at a very high level. An additional benefit was the location of the plant in Urmitz, near Koblenz on the Rhine River, which not only brought Eggerding closer to its many German end users but also gave the company an excellent springboard to production centers elsewhere in Europe.

The market for (fine)milled products continued to grow, prompting Eggerding to look for further expansion outside Europe, focusing on countries with major resources of industrial minerals.

Consequently, in 1995, a property was purchased in Richards Bay, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, and a milling facility was established in co-operation with a major South African mining house. It was from this source that the African (South Saharan) and Asian markets were served.

In 1997, this partnership was further expanded by founding a joint trading activity in Amsterdam, aiming to represent the products of the South African mining company in Europe. This trading company now operates under the name Europe Minerals.

When the South African partners eventually decided to sell their interests in industrial minerals, Eggerding decided to take full ownership of both the processing facility in Richards Bay, as well as the trading company in Amsterdam.

Latest developments show the founding of an office in Hong Kong, in 2006. By doing this, Eggerding has committed to increase its position in the Asian market, one of the most important growth markets in the world.

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